jhbuild on windows

Last update: 4th January 2012

It's now possible to use jhbuild to manage application dependencies on MS Windows using mingw and MSYS. I'm maintaining a fork of jhbuild at: http://www.gitorious.org/jhbuild which provides windows-devel and windows-stable modulesets. One builds from git, the other prefers binary packages where available and otherwise builds from tarballs.

Feel free to add more useful things to the modulesets or start tidying up the many, many hacks. Patches, comments and hate mail all welcome to Sam Thursfield <ssssam at gmail.com>.

Note: I am still interested in this, but it seems about time to work a bit more inside the Gnome infrastructure. See: https://live.gnome.org/Windows/MingwNativeBuild for further progress.


(the paths are just what I suggest if you're not sure what you're doing; the versions are what I know to work. MSYS is a lot more stable than it used to be, so feel free to use the latest versions of things.)

A note on what follows. For extra confusion, MSYS-git ships with its own MSYS package, which is inside the c:/tools/git/ tree. When I say an MSYS shell, this should be your main installation of MSYS, which can be started by running c:\tools\mingw\msys\1.0\msys.bat or from Start Menu > Mingw > MinGW Shell. When I say a git shell, this is c:/tools/git/bin/sh.exe, which is probably in the start menu as Git > Git BASH. Now we will set everything up!




Did you really think it was that easy

Of course it's not that easy. Here are some issues you will probably come up against.

Available modulesets

My current approach towards the modulesets is to have two; windows-stable and windows-devel. The former downloads and installs from binary packages wherever possible and is good for when you want to compile a Windows build of an application for distribution. windows-devel builds everything from git, so you can get to work fixing all of the recent regressions in win32 Gtk+.

Errors you can ignore

Future plans:

Relevant open bugs


People who have helped in this endeavour: John Stowers (who started the whole jhbuild on windows thing), Tor Lillqvist (started the whole gtk+ on windows thing) and Frédéric Péters (who has merged a number of my poor-quality patches :) .. and thanks to everyone who has fixed my bugs or done work porting things to Windows that were never meant to run there.

Copyright (C) 2010-11 by Sam Thursfield, released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Licence.